How to Use the Proof Companion

Follow the steps below to build a drag-and-drop geometry proof and send it to students to solve.

Step 1: Add a new proof

After you create a new account and log in, click the "Add a new proof" button to build a proof. Free accounts are limited to one proof.

Step 2: Optionally add a diagram

If you want to upload a diagram you've created elsewhere for students to refer to and make notes on while they solve, simply drag an image file over to the upload box. Optionally, you can click on the upload box to browse your computer for an image.


Step 3: Fill in the proof's solution

Using the plus and minus buttons, add as many steps as you need to solve the proof. You can insert common Geometry symbols and pin statements or reasons as hints to students or to force them to solve in one logical direction. In addition being able to insert common geometry symbols at the click of a button, we fully support the LaTeX markup language. Visit our LaTeX Quick Start guide to learn more.

Step 4: Send students a link to solve

Click the "Generate proof" button and wait for the proof to upload. You've now created a fill-in-the-blank proof! Copy the page address and send the link to your students. Each time they visit the proof, the steps will be shuffled. Clicking the "Grade" button will give them instant feedback on their solution.


Step 5: Track student progress

Clicking "Manage students" on your account page allows you to add students to your profile and generates an access code for students to use when solving proofs. Teachers can then see how many times a student has attempted a proof and if they eventually got it correct.